Elon Musk – the real Ironman

I was watching ‘Interstellar’ and apart from calculating its chances at Oscars and understanding the physics behind the events, I was trying hard to remember where I first heard about colonizing another planet. After thinking a lot about it, it finally came to me.

It was final year of the college. We already had our jobs and were working on our final project thesis. Our team had the habit of watching inspirational videos like TED talks, Interviews, Documentaries etc. That fateful day I saw a video interview trending whose description had something like “I’ll send a man on Mars in 10 years!” We were like “Woah! That’s overambitious!” We watched the video and most part of it was about electric cars and in the end the man simply said that he expected to send a manned mission to mars in next 10-20 years! That was the first time I watched Elon Musk and it was enough to make me research his entire profile. I was mesmerized to see how a single person went on to revolutionize first the advertising, then financial services industry, then automobile industry and energy industry, and was ready to revolutionize the space travel!

So, after watching ‘Interstellar’, I used Google to find out what Elon Musk was up to! Although I had read news about Tesla Motors’ electric cars in between, I didn’t remember any news about SpaceX. After a bit of catching up, I found that SpaceX had already made significant progress and had become the 1st private company to successfully send satellite to International Space Station (ISS). In the process, it had also reduced the cost manifolds, the primary reason why NASA placed an order on SpaceX. Though we are yet to see a manned mission to ISS by SpaceX, I still believe in Elon Musk and if someday we see someone going to Mars, it will likely be in a SpaceX rocket! It’s not without reason that he is known as the real Ironman!

PS: Watch this video and get mesmerized!